Your question: What is the issuing country of a visa?

Generally it means the country that issued the visa (not the location of the country’s consulate).

What is an issuing country?

The issuing country is the country that issued the passport.

What do I put for issuing country?

So, take the document you listed a moment before and look for the place it was issued in. For example, if they asked you for a passport number in a visa application and then for the mysterious “country of issue” – you have to give them the country your passport was issued in.

How do I know the country of issue of my passport?

The place of issue is normally stated next to the date of issue, usually on the information page. The UK now does not state place of issue if the passport is issued in the UK, so the answer is ‘UK’.

What is meant by passport issuing country?

If it is a UK passport then the issuing country is the UK. Place of issue refers to the place of issue shown on your passport. As an example, my passport’s Country of issue, or Issuing authority is Canada.

What is the issuing authority of a passport?

The U.S. Department of State issues the U.S. passport to U.S. citizens and noncitizen nationals.

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What country issued your passport or travel document?

Country that issued the passport: it is the country you are a citizen of. Sometimes, it gets confusing to some people. If you were staying in a different country (say Japan) when passport was expiring and if the Indian embassy in Japan issued you the passport, the issuing country is still “India” and NOT “Japan”.

Which authority issues passport in India?

The issue of passport is a central subject under the Indian Constitution and allotted to the Ministry of External Affairs.