Why the pieces of paper get attracted to the comb?

The paper is attracted to the comb. This happens because the charged comb induces an opposite charge in the paper and as opposite charges attract, the paper sticks to the comb. … The charges move from one insulator to another on vigorous contact (i.e. by rubbing) to produce the two oppositely charged objects.

Why do tiny bits of paper get attracted?

Tiny bots of paper undergo electrostatic force , when you rub a comb or pen or anything which is plastic. Therefore they get attracted to the thing which you have rubbed.

Why the hairs are attracted to the comb?

These electrons are acquired by the comb as it brushes the hair. … When the charged comb is brought near bits of paper, the electrostatic force of attraction between the atoms of the paper and the comb caused by the electrons on the surface of the comb polarizes them which attracts the pieces of paper towards the comb.

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Why do tiny bits of paper get attracted when brought close to comb?

The paper is initially attracted to the comb because the comb causes separation of charge in the paper. The part of the paper pieces with positive charge is attracted to the comb. When the paper touches the comb, some of the excess negative charge in the comb is transferred to the paper.

Why do tiny bits of paper get attracted when brought close to a plastic comb which have recently been rubbed?

Plastic comb gets electrically charged due to rubbing & therefore it attracts tiny pieces of paper. A charged body can attract an uncharged body.

What happened to the bits of paper place near the comb after using?

What Happened: The first time you brought the comb near the paper bits, nothing happened, but when you combed your hair, you gave the comb a charge of static electricity Then, when you brought the comb near the paper bits, they were attracted to the comb because of this charge.

Why is hair attracted to comb during a hot day?

The comb, covered in negatively charged electrons, becomes negatively charged as well, and your hair is left with a positive charge. … If two objects have different charges, they attract (or pull towards) each other.

Why does it attract pieces of paper after swirling a comb through dry hair?

When a comb rubhed with dry hair attracts pieces of paper. This is because the comb induces a net dipole moment opposite to the direction of field. This happens the field due to charge on comb induces dipole moment in paper by tretching or re-orienting molecules of the dielectric.

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When a plastic comb comb your dry hair and it bring near small pieces of paper the comb attracts pieces of paper why and how?

When we comb our hair, it gets positively charged by rubbing. When the comb is brought near the pieces of paper some of the electrons accumulate at the edge of the paper piece which is closer to the comb. At the farther end of the piece there is deficiency of electrons and hence, positive charge appears there.