What are the documents required for UAE residence visa?

What are the documents required for UAE visa?

Documents required:

  • Invitation letter, passport copy and residence visa copy of the host in UAE.
  • Visa application form filled and signed along with applicants colored photograph.
  • Original passport for verification valid for 6 months from the date of travel.
  • Onward and return confirmed ticket of Emirates or Fly Dubai.

What is the new rule for residence visa in UAE?

As per the new visa rules in the UAE, all residency visas expiring after March 1 will not receive a validity extension till the end of December 2020. Instead, UAE residents within the country will receive a grace period until October 10, 2020, to renew their residency visa in the UAE.

How long does it take to get UAE residence visa?

Once your background is checked, your application is being processed, a special document, called Entry Permit, is issued. This takes anywhere between 3 to 20 days, all depending on how long it may take to conduct your background check.

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How can I get residence visa in UAE without job?

For those who do not come on an employment contract, there are two other ways for obtaining the UAE residence permit: either through investment in real estate (property residence visa), or through the registration of a company. The first option to obtain residency is by purchasing and owning a property.

What is proof of sponsor residency?


Marriage certificate attested by UAE authorities. Original Passports, and copies, of both sponsor and family member/s. Tenancy contract, Emirates ID and labour contract of sponsor/labour card. Salary certificate with attested work contracts.

What is the minimum basic salary in UAE?

For UAE nationals, minimum wage is determined by level of education: No high school certificate- 3,000 AED. High school certificate- 4,000 AED. College degree or higher- 5,000 AED.

Can my resident visa expire?

Your New Zealand resident visa expires each time you leave. You can apply to have multiple entry travel conditions added to your visa for up to 2 years if you: do not want your resident visa to expire each time you leave New Zealand.

What is valid residence visa?

A residence permit is a document that allows you to live in the country for up to five years, depending on the conditions for obtaining it. … To maintain the status, you will need to live in the country for more than 183 days a year.

How much is residence visa in UAE?

The fees for a UAE Residence Visa change depending on what duration your visa is issued for. For three years, the UAE Residence Visa cost is AED1650. Additionally, you will also have to pay for Emirates id, Medical test, Visa stamping, and insurance.

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Can I work in UAE with residence visa?

Obtaining a Residence Visa and Work Permit

A residence visa in the UAE is valid for one to three years and can be renewed. The employee’s work permit will be listed as part of the residency visa. Once the work permit is approved, the employee can officially begin working.

Is UAE residence visa permanent?

How to get permanent residence in the UAE. The UAE implemented a new system for long-term visas in 2019 for people to live in the country without a local sponsor and the ability to have full foreign ownership in a company on the Mainland.

What documents do I need to sponsor my brother?

Required Documentation to Sponsor a Sibling

  1. A copy of a valid U.S. passport,
  2. A copy of a U.S. birth certificate, or.
  3. A copy of Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or.
  4. A copy of your naturalization certificate, or.
  5. A copy of your certificate of citizenship.

What are the types of residence visa in UAE?

Types of Residency Visa in UAE

  • UAE 10-Year Golden Visa or Long-Term Investor Visa.
  • UAE 5-Year Golden Visa or Property Investor Visa.
  • UAE Retirement Visa.
  • UAE Employment Visa.
  • UAE Company Investor Visa.
  • UAE Family Visa.
  • UAE Domestic Workers Visa.
  • UAE Specialist Resident Visa.

How can I get permanent residence in UAE?

How can you acquire UAE citizenship? You can acquire the UAE’s citizenship only through the Rulers’ and Crown Princes’ Courts, Offices of the Executive Councils and the Cabinet based on the nominations of federal entities. Contact Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship for more information.

How long can a resident stay outside UAE?

In the UAE, a resident who holds a UAE residence visa, needs to re-enter the country within six months of his or her exit out of the country. In the event the UAE resident remains outside the UAE for more than six months, his or her UAE residency visa may become invalid.

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