Best answer: Did Michael Jackson have a thriller tour?

Absolutely not . Michael Jackson had not been at a physical state to perform in years. He hardly made it through his History Tour and he never went on another tour since 1997 mostly due to health issues. In fact, he wanted to cancel the History tour but he didn’t so as not to let down his fans.

Did Michael Jackson do a thriller tour?

The group performed 55 concerts to an audience of approximately 2 million. Most came to see Michael, whose album Thriller was dominating the popular music world at the time.

Victory Tour (The Jacksons tour)

Tour by the Jacksons
Location North America
Associated albums Victory (1984) Thriller (1982)
Start date July 6, 1984
End date December 9, 1984

When was Michael Jackson Thriller tour?

6 июля 1984 – 9 декабря 1984
Victory Tour/Периоды
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