At the start of my 1 year trip around Latin America, I took a two week tour with G-Adventures from Mexico to Guatemala. One of our stops was a jam-packed, sun-filled three days on this very chill Belizian island. From swimming with sharks to skulling rum punch, here’s all the things to do in Caye Caulker.

1. Spend a day SNORKELLING with sharks and stingrays

The crew on our Ragamuffin tour

Caye Caulker is surrounded by a huge reef that’s home to sharks, stingrays, turtles and amazingly colourful fishes. Ragamuffin Tours came highly recommended as the perfect day long boat trip to explore the reef and try one of the local delicacies – unlimited rum punch. Our super fun day out on the water consisted of 4 stops. 1. Swimming with sharks, 2. Galavanting with rays, 3. Gliding with turtles, 4. Checking out the colourful fish and coral. Followed by the unofficial stop 5. Rum Town. If you love nature and rum, this trip is well worth it.

QUICK FACTS: COST: $70USD | TIME NEEDED: 10:30 – 5pm | VERDICT: Worth the splurge

2. Drink all the rum punch

Caye Caulker is famous for it’s rum punch – a mixture of juice, coconut rum and grenadine. It’s sweet, highly alcoholic and you can’t leave the island without trying a glass or six. Swilling rum punch is one of my favourite things to do in Caye Caulker.

QUICK FACTS: COST: $2USD+ | TIME NEEDED: 2 minutes | VERDICT: Must try

3. Dive or fly over the blue hole

According to all the guide books, diving the blue hole is a must-do. Now, full disclosure here, I can’t actually dive, so I didn’t do this. But insider source tells me that flying over the blue hole is actually so much more impressive. Because when you’re diving you can’t actually appreciate the scale of it. So if you’ve got the money, I’d definitely recommend the flight – or better yet, do both!

QUICK FACTS: COST: Flight about $200USD. Diving $300USD | TIME NEEDED: Half day | VERDICT: If you’ve got the cash, go for it!

4. eat all the fry jacks

A Fry Jack was my go-to breakfast while on the island. It’s a fried tortilla stuffed with your choice of naughty fillings.  My favourite Fry Jack from Errolyn’s House (the best place to get them on the island) was chicken, cheese, beans and eggs. Better yet, they are cheap as chips!

QUICK FACTS: COST: About $2USD | TIME NEEDED: 10 minutes | VERDICT: Must try

5. eat fresh lobster for $8

I have to admit, before I touched down on Caye Caulker I had never tried lobster. It’s too expensive right? Wrong. On Caye Caulker a whole barbecued lobster with an amazing garlic butter sauce will set you back a mere $8USD. Tonnes of restaurants around the island serve them at this price so you’re a fool if you miss out.

QUICK FACTS: COST: About $8USD | TIME NEEDED: 2 hours | VERDICT: Must try

6. do happy hour at the split

One of the most common things to do in Caye Caylker is watch sunset at the split with an icy rum punch in your hand. Therefore you don’t spend a few hours at The Lazy Lizard taking advantage of two-for-one cocktails, while playing a game of corn hole have you even Caye Caulkered?

QUICK FACTS: COST: $5USD+ | TIME NEEDED: An afternoon | VERDICT: Must do

7. take a sunset cruise and handfeed giant fish

Feeding giant fishes at sunset

One of the great things to do in Caye Caulker is to swim with manatees, which is exactly what we planned to do when hired a boat for one afternoon. Unfortunately, after 3 hours of searching in vein we gave up. ‘No manatees today’. However our captain felt so bad that he offered to take us on a sunset cruise around the island. The views by boat were spectacular and he even took us to the marine reserve where we fed giant cat fish by hand. While it was a little terrifying to have a catfish jump out of the water and suck on your finger in order to take the bait, it was absolutely hilarious.

QUICK FACTS: COST: $20USD+ | TIME NEEDED: An afternoon | VERDICT: Must do

all over the best things to do in caye caulker? check these out!

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