What type of adjective is attractive?

Causing attraction; having the quality of attracting by inherent force. Having the power of charming or alluring by agreeable qualities; enticing. “That’s a very attractive offer.”

What kind of adjective is attractive?

providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance or manner; pleasing; charming; alluring: an attractive personality. arousing interest or engaging one’s thought, consideration, etc.: an attractive idea; an attractive price.

Is attractive a verb or an adjective?

Word family (noun) attraction attractiveness (adjective) attractive ≠ unattractive (verb) attract (adverb) attractively.

What is the most attractive adjective?

captivating. adjective. very interesting or attractive in a way that takes all your attention.

What type of adjective is desirable?

desirable used as an adjective:

describing something worth having, that is useful to have, or that would be nice to have. “This applicant has almost all desirable properties.”

How do you describe attractiveness?

eye-catchingadjective. attractive or unusual and therefore noticed. nice-lookingadjective. informal attractive. adorableadjective.

What types of adjectives are there?

Common types of adjectives

  • Comparative adjectives.
  • Superlative adjectives.
  • Predicate adjectives.
  • Compound adjectives.
  • Possessive adjectives.
  • Demonstrative adjectives.
  • Proper adjectives.
  • Participial adjectives.
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What is the connotation of attractive?

1a : arousing interest or pleasure : charming an attractive smile. b : appealing an attractive offer. 2 : having or relating to the power to attract attractive forces between molecules.

What is a word for attractive?

good-looking, nice-looking, beautiful, pretty, as pretty as a picture, handsome, lovely, stunning, striking, arresting, gorgeous, prepossessing, winning, fetching, captivating, bewitching, beguiling, engaging, charming, charismatic, enchanting, appealing, delightful, irresistible.

What is the prefix for attractive?

Attract already has a prefix added to it which is ‘AT’.

What is the adverb for attractive?

attractively. In an attractive manner; with the power of attracting or drawing to.

Is the word nice an adjective?

adjective, nic·er, nic·est. pleasing; agreeable; delightful: a nice visit. amiably pleasant; kind: They are always nice to strangers.

What is an attributive adjective?

Adjectives in the first position – before the noun – are called ATTRIBUTIVE adjectives. Those in the second position – after the noun – are called PREDICATIVE adjectives. Notice that predicative adjectives do not occur immediately after the noun.

What is desirable and undesirable adjective?

adjective. not desirable or attractive; objectionable: undesirable qualities. noun. a person or thing considered undesirable: a collection of malcontents and undesirables.

What does highly desirable mean?

1 : having pleasing qualities or properties : attractive “Mr. Darcy, you must allow me to present this young lady to you as a very desirable partner.”— Jane Austen a house in a highly desirable location. 2 : worth seeking or doing as advantageous, beneficial, or wise : advisable desirable legislation. desirable.

What is the adverb of desirable?

desirably. in a manner likely to arouse desire.

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