What accent is the most attractive in the UK?

Which English accent is attractive?

Apparently, if you’re looking for the perfect way to position your marketing campaign, you should head to the South because once again, people found the Southern accent to be the most attractive accent to have.

What is the least attractive accent in the UK?

UK’s most ‘sexy’ accent as Scouse voted the least attractive dialect. Scottish is now the most sexy accent in the UK, a new study suggests. The survey of 2,000 Brits found that the most appealing voices in the UK are found north of the border.

What is the hottest accent?

Top 10 Sexy Accents For Women

  • Scottish 86%
  • Irish 77%
  • Italian 68%
  • French 61%
  • Spanish 56%
  • Brazilian Portuguese 48%
  • Queen’s English 47%
  • Australian 35%

What’s the hottest accent?

THE IRISH accent has regained its right place as the world’s sexiest – and it’s all thanks to Colin Farrell. According to a survey of 5,000 men and women conducted by Onepoll.com, the Irish accent is the one that leaves them feeling a little flustered.

What’s the worst accent in the UK?

Cockney was found to be the most annoying accent in Britain. Those taking part could only manage 58 seconds of Cockney slang before it got on their nerves.

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Is Birmingham accent bad?

A survey on yougov in 2014 also concluded that the Brummie accent was the least attractive in the UK. It even suggested speaking with a Brum twang is less intelligent than remaining silent. … Brummies know that there accent is the worst in the country, but they are willing to laugh at themselves.

What is the least attractive accent?

These Are, Apparently, The Top 10 ‘Least Sexy’ Accents In The United States

  • The Unsexiest Accent: New Jersey. Coming in last at #50, we have the New Jersey accent. …
  • The Unsexiest Accent Runner-Up: Long Island. …
  • #48: Floridian. …
  • #47: Minnesotan. …
  • #46: Pittsburgh. …
  • And At #45, We Have… …
  • #44: Pennsylvania Dutch. …
  • #43: Appalachian.

Why does Elijah not have a British accent?

So he’s ostensibly an American guy.” But the accent was just part of the equation. Elijah was about to embark on a journey during which he would have to relearn everything, including the fact that he’s a vampire. “He became a blank slate,” Morgan says of the character.