Is tenancy contract required for family visa in Dubai?

Having a tenancy contract is a must if a resident applies to renew visas of family members at GDRFA-Dubai.

Can I get family visa without ejari?

An individual must have a Ejari tenancy contract in his name in order to avail visas for his family. … Based on this, you can apply for family visas to your wife and children.

What are the documents required for family visa in Dubai?

Documents required

  • Sponsor (Husband) passport copy all bio pages – soft copy.
  • Sponsor (Husband) visa copy – soft copy.
  • Sponsor (Husband) Emirates ID – Original needed.
  • Ejari – Soft copy.
  • Labor contract – Soft copy.
  • Your picture – Soft copy.
  • Marriage certificate with attestation – Soft copy.

What is the new rule for family visa in Dubai?

The new family visa UAE price will be AED 100 for first-time issuance and renewal. Previously, expat residents could only sponsor their sons up to the age of 18, after which they would need to be sponsored by a student visa on providing proof of study in the UAE. The visa rules remained unchanged for daughters.

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Is tenancy contract required for family visa in Abu Dhabi?

It was not long ago that the Minstry implemented rule that require family visa applicant to have a valid tenancy contract. However, I was informed by on of my PRO friends that the requirement has been cancelled by Ministry in Abu Dhabi. … Hereafter you are required to have a valid tenancy contract stamped at Baladiya.

Can wife work on husband visa in UAE?

Apart from the employment visa, women can also work in Dubai on a husband’s visa. Married spouses can sponsor each other for a residence visa in the UAE. However, this visa does not serve as a work permit. If the spouse decides to work, he or she requires a work permit from the employer.

What is minimum salary requirement for family visa in UAE?

Both, employers and employees with a valid UAE residence visa can sponsor residence visas for their families. Unlike before, employees can sponsor their families regardless of their job titles if they earn a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation.

How much is wife visa in Dubai?


SERVICE TYPE Tasheera (Wife/Children Outside the UAE) COST (PER PERSON) AED 488.90
SERVICE TYPE Tasheera (Wife/Children Inside the UAE) COST (PER PERSON) AED 1,138.9
SERVICE TYPE Tasheera (Parents Inside the UAE) COST (PER PERSON) AED 488.90

How can I get family visa in Dubai 2020?

You can either hold your dependents’ visa or cancel and apply for a new visa. to hold your family visa is subject to special approval from the senior officer at the immigration office depends on your new designation and salary in the job offer letter and to meet the requirements.

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Can I sponsor my sister in UAE for residence visa?

Sponsor brother sister parent children for Abu Dhabi Dubai Sharjah UAE visit visa. UAE residents (expats with a valid residence visa) can sponsor their first degree relatives (parents, siblings, children), and possibly second degree relatives, for a visit visa to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK, Sharjah, and other emirates.

Who are eligible for dependent visa?

Spouses, partners and unmarried children under the age of 18 are eligible for dependent visas.

Is tawtheeq mandatory for family visa?

As from 1st July 2017 foreign nationals in Abu Dhabi are now required to show that they live in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in order to obtain new (and to renew) residency permits for family members, dependents and domestic staff. A local Abu Dhabi lease (Tawtheeq) will be required to be shown.

What is the procedure for family visa in UAE?

Documents Required for a UAE family visa

UAE Visa Application Form (online or through a registered typing office) Passport copies of the family member/s being sponsored. Passport-size pictures of the family member/s being sponsored. Medical clearance certificate for any family member over the age of 18.

Can we change visit visa to family visa in UAE?

Tourist visa holder can apply or change status to investor/ partner visa, employment visa and family/ residence visa. Tourist visa holder no need to exit to any another or home country and then enter on new visa. Air Arabia and fly Dubai provides visa change services through dubai-oman-dubai service.