Is original birth certificate required for visa?

Is birth certificate necessary for visa?

Birth Certificate for Visa

Birth certificate is normally not required for issue of visa by other countries. The date of birth on your passport is presumed to be true. The issuing authority is presumed to have taken sufficient caution in obtaining valid evidence for the date of birth of the applicant.

Is birth certificate required for visa interview?

5) Birth certificate: A birth certificate issued by the government authorised body. 6) Valid Passport: You must have a valid passport to apply for the visa. 7) Complete visa application: A completed visa application is a must.

Does NVC require original documents?

Each individual immigrating to the United States must submit to the NVC copies of civil documents issued by an appropriate authority and then present the originals at the time of the immigrant visa interview. The original Form I-864 and supporting documents will be submitted to the NVC.

What are the mandatory documents for any visa application?

Information to be Provided with Visa Application Form

  • Name of the applicant.
  • Date of birth.
  • Passport number.
  • Profession.
  • Dates of travel/stay at your destination country.
  • Contact address in the destination country.
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Is birth certificate mandatory for Australian visa?

Birth certificate is needed when you apply for Australian PR. In case if you don’t have then you can provide school certificates. “Please provide a certified copy of your full birth certificate.

Is 12th certificate necessary for visa?

U need to prove them that you are 10th pass which could also be done by showing them 12th or graduation or post graduation. Even if you don’t have 12th or graduation certificate then do comment there is another way too.

Is birth certificate necessary for UK visa?

Birth certificates or adoption certificates are accepted. Letter from parent/ guardian. … The letter does not need to follow a strict format, but it must be signed and dated. Proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you’re under 18.

What evidence is required for k1 visa?

Your fiancé visa petition will also need to include: Proof of petitioner’s U.S. citizenship status. This might include a copy of a birth certificate, passport, certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, or Form FS-20 (Report of Birth Abroad of a U.S. Citizen).

Is birth certificate required for study visa Canada?

You must submit a valid passport or travel document, as well as two recent passport-size photos. Please include your name and date of birth on the back of both photos submitted. … If you have family members travelling to Canada with you, each member is also required to submit the above documents.

Is birth certificate required for Canada immigration?

Under the Skilled Worker category of Canadian immigration, Express Entry candidates who receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) are currently required to submit the following supporting documents along with their application: Valid passport. Birth certificate. … Police clearance certificate(s)

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Is police clearance certificate required for US visa?

The submission of a Police Clearance Certificate is required when applying for an immigrant visa and certain nonimmigrant visas for the US. It is a statement which advises the consular officer of any criminal convictions held against your name, or whether your name is clear.

Do we need Marriage Certificate for visa?

Extremely helpful in obtaining visas for both husband and wife. As the foreign embassies in India as well as in countries outside India, do not recognize traditional marriages, the Marriage Certificate is mandatory for the couple to travel abroad using a spouse visa.

Is original passport required for visa application?

LIST OF DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR AN EMPLOYMENT VISA 1 Original passport valid for a minimum of 6 months and having at least 3 blank visa pages. 2 A photocopy of the data page of the passport. 3 Two passport size photographs (2X2 inch).

Is birth certificate required for Schengen visa?

Tickets for travelling within the Schengen area (if applicable) Proof of civil status – birth certificate will suffice.