Is it OK to use the word foreign?

1. “Foreign” “Foreign” is an acceptable word when used to describe policies, but referring to a person as “foreign” or a “foreigner” leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.

Is it OK to say foreign?

If your cousin Ben visited from Spain, you wouldn’t say “Ben is a foreigner.” You would say “Ben is from Spain” or “Ben is from another country.” In the same way, calling a language “foreign” is not as accurate or considerate as calling it a “world language.” Classifying languages as “foreign” simply because they don’t …

What word can I use instead of foreign?

synonyms for foreign

  • alien.
  • different.
  • external.
  • offshore.
  • overseas.
  • unfamiliar.
  • strange.
  • adopted.

What do people mean by foreign?

1 : located outside of a place or country and especially outside of a person’s own country a foreign nation. 2 : belonging to a place or country other than the one under consideration Do you speak a foreign language? 3 : relating to or having to do with other nations foreign trade.

What is another way to say foreigner?

What is another word for foreigner?

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alien outsider
immigrant newcomer
refugee outlander
settler visitor
nonnative offcomer

Is it rude to say foreigner?

Unquestionably there are contexts where referring to someone as a foreigner (an outsider or interloper; a person from outside one’s community) could be considered offensive. If you follow that link, you’ll find that most in the vast majority of cases, to “call someone a foreigner” is implicitly negative/rude.

Can you call someone foreign?

Generally, no, it isn’t. Foreigner just means the person is a citizen of a different country than the one in which they are now. If someone who is in fact a foreigner takes offense at being called such, well, that’s their problem. People seem to be offended by anything, everything, or nothing.

What is the sentence of foreign?

Foreign sentence example. They exchanged a greeting in a foreign language that sounded like Russian before he held out his hand to her. The concept of something more was as foreign to him as peace, and yet he wanted the image on the leaf to be real. The idea of having to “earn a living” will be completely foreign to us …

What is the opposite foreign?

foreignadjective. Antonyms: indigenous, native, domestic. foreignadjective. foreigner.

What is the foreign word of totally?

Latin. in all; completely; entirely; wholly.

What does it mean if something is foreign to you?

This phrase describes something that you don’t know much about, don’t understand well, and can’t even imagine clearly. For example: The idea of waiting until you’re in your late 30’s to have a child seems so foreign to me.

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What is a foreign noun?

A foreign plural is a noun borrowed from another language that has kept its original plural form rather than adapt the usual English plural ending of -s. Words borrowed from classical Greek and Latin have tended to keep their foreign plurals in English longer than most other foreign borrowings.

What word class is foreign?

foreign. / (ˈfɒrɪn) / adjective. of, involving, located in, or coming from another country, area, people, etca foreign resident.

What is the opposite word of foreigner?

citizen, native, local, national.

Is foreigners a positive connotation?

Many people feel that foreigner can connote someone who doesn’t belong or who feels unwelcome. … Or international travelers might say they feel like foreigners if they feel out of place. Here are some terms with a more positive connotation: people from other countries.

Is a foreign national?

A foreign national is defined simply as “an individual who is a citizen of any country other than the United States.”