Is Foreign Affairs included in the state list?

The list which includes subjects of national importance such as defence of the country, foreign affairs, banking, communications and currency.

Which is not included in state list?

Which subject is not included in state list? Public order (but not including the use of any naval, military or air force or any other armed force of the Union or of any other force subject to the control of the Union or of any contingent or unit thereof in aid of the civil power).

Which department comes under state list?

The state list specifies jurisdiction over subjects like, public order, prisons, public health, production, manufacture, transport, purchase and sale of intoxicating liquors, agricultural education and research, fisheries, state public services etc.

Which subjects are included in state list?

State List Subjects:

  • Public order.
  • Police.
  • Public health and sanitation.
  • Hospitals and dispensaries.
  • Betting and gambling.
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Which one comes under state list in India?

The Correct Answer is Agriculture. Agriculture comes under the State List.

Detailed Solution

  • Article 246 defines the legislative subject matters on which the Parliament and the State Legislatures can make laws.
  • These matters are enumerated in the 3 lists of the Seventh Schedule.

Which of the following is not included in the state list Mcq?

Q6- Which of the given subject is not included in the state list? Ans- The correct answer is National Defence.

Which one of the following is not included in the Union list?

Which of the following matters are not included in the Union List? I. Defence II. Prisons III. Liquor policy IV. Minor Ports V. Irrigation

  • Banking. State List. Public order and police. Concurrent List. Labour Welfare. …
  • State list. Estate duty in respect of agricultural land. Residuary power. Inter planetary outer space travel.

What is the difference between a state list and union list?

The union list details the subjects on which Parliament may make laws while the state list details those under the purview of state legislatures.

Which of the following comes under concurrent list?

Answer: Concurrent List – Forests, Education, Marriages. State List – Trade, Agriculture, Police. Union List – Defence, Communications, Banking.

What comes under union state and concurrent list?

Originally there was 97 subjects in union list but now it is 100 subjects in union list. And in state list there was 66 subjects but now it is 61 subjects. And in concurrent list there was 47 subjects but now it is 52 subjects in concurrent list.

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Which of the following subjects is not in the state list in India?

The following subjects which are not included in state list is Education. The subjects in National list which are solely controlled by Union government are Defence, Foreign Affairs, currency. This is grandly referred as Union List. The State List includes Police, Commerce, Trade and Agriculture.

Which is not included in the state list in the Constitution of India?

Option D- Railways is the only subject that does not come under the state list among the options. It comes under the Union list. Therefore “D” is the correct answer.

What is Union list Class 10?

What is a Union List ? Ans. Subjects of national importance like defence, foreign affairs, atomic energy, banking, post and telegraph are included in the Union List. The Union List has 97 subjects. …

Which subjects are included in the state list Class 10?

State list means the important subjects on which the state government can pass the law. The important subjects include police, trade, commerce, agriculture, and local government.