Can two similar charges attract?

Originally Answered: Can two same charges attract each other? Yes two charges can attract each other, if one of the charge is very large than the other one they will attract each other.

Can similar charges attract each other?

Can two similarly charged bodies attract each other? Solution: Solution: Yes, when the charge on one body (q1) is much greater than that on the other (q2) and they are close enough to each other so that force of attraction between q1 and induced charge on the other exceeds the force of repulsion between q1andq2.

Can two bodies having same charge attract?

(a) yes. Two bodies are placed close to each other where one has much more charge than the other. Then due to induction, force of attraction becomes more than force of repulsion.

Can charged bodies attract uncharged?

Yes, a charged body attracts an uncharged body as the oppositely charged bodies attract each other.

Can charged body attract neutral?

Explain. Yes, a charged body can attract another uncharged body. When the charged body is placed near the uncharged body, the induced charges of opposite kind are produced on the uncharged body by the charged body. Now, they are oppositely charged and the uncharged body is attracted by charged body.

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What happens if a charged body is brought near to uncharged body?

When a charged body is brought near to an uncharged body, it induces an opposite charge on it. Since unlike charges attract each other, the two bodies are attracted to each other.

Why do charged objects attract neutral objects?

Neutral object are attracted to either charge. … The region that has too many electrons is negatively charged, the other region positively, because of lack of electrons. The positive region since it is closer to the charge will be attracted to this charge.

Can two positively or negatively charged bodies show attraction?

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yes, they can attract each other when one of them is very very large than the other. then, the electrostatic force acting on the two is not due to their initial charges but will be due to the charges produced due to induction and hence attraction takes place.

Can a charged particle attract an uncharged particle?

The answer is YES. Charged particles indeed attract uncharged ones. … Hence, the ends of the two bodies develop opposite charges and mutual attraction occurs.

Can neutral charge attract negative charge?

A neutral object will attract both a positive and a negative charge. This is because in some objects, electrons are free to move and transform the charge from positive to negative.