Best answer: Which state of matter has a weak attraction?

Forces of attraction are weakest in a gaseous state.

What state of matter has the weakest attractive force?

The Intermolecular force is strongest in solids and weakest in gases.

Do solids have weak attraction?

“In solids, the intermolecular forces are very strong, and the constituent particles are closely packed. That is why; solids are incompressible and have high density. … In gases, the intermolecular forces are negligible (extremely weak), and the constituent particles are free to move.

Which state has the strongest forces of attraction?

As the temperature continues to drop, the matter forms a solid. Due to the solid’s low kinetic energy, particles have no “time” to move around, the particles have more “time” to be attracted. Therefore, solids have the strongest intramolecular forces (because they have the strongest attraction).

Which state of matter are the forces attraction?

The force of attraction between the molecules of matter is called the intermolecular force of attraction. It is maximum in solids, less in liquid and least in gases.

Why gas is the weakest force of attraction?

Gas In a gas, particles are in continual straight-line motion. The kinetic energy of the molecule is greater than the attractive force between them, thus they are much farther apart and move freely of each other. In most cases, there are essentially no attractive forces between particles.

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Why are intermolecular forces weak?

Because it is the power of attraction or repulsion between atoms or molecules instead of sharing or giving/taking electrons. Bonds that involve the exchange of electrons makes the “reacting” atoms more charged and hence tightly bound together due to the great amount of charge an electron has.

Do liquids have attractive forces?

In a liquid, intermolecular attractive forces hold the molecules in contact, although they still have sufficient KE to move past each other. Intermolecular attractive forces, collectively referred to as van der Waals forces, are responsible for the behavior of liquids and solids and are electrostatic in nature.

What state of matter is the strongest?

The solid are held by strongest forces of attraction between them. This makes their inter molecular bond be strong thus making them the strongest state of matter.

Which one is the hardest state of matter and why?

Solids. In solids, the forces keeping the particles together are relatively strong, and the particles stay very close to each other. The particles can vibrate but they are not moving around much. This is why solids are hard and rigid.

Which state of matter has the strongest intermolecular forces of attraction between their particles?

Solid usually have the strongest intermolecular forces when compared to liquids and gases. In solids, the particles are closely packed and this is why they are incompressible and have high density.