Puerto Escondido surf school is one of the coolest things I’ve done so far this trip. As soon as I arrived in Mexico’s best surf town, post nausiatingly bumpy wonderfully scenic bus ride from Oaxaca City, I knew it was the perfect spot to up my surf and language game. I’d been looking around for an affordable, yet awesome language school since I’d landed in Mexico, and pairing Spanish lessons with surfing just made sense.

A quiet little surf town in the low season and a bustling hot spot for locals in the high season, Puerto Escondido surf school has been the highlight of my time in Mexico so far. So, now I’ve set the scene, let me convince you why, if you’re interested in learning Spanish or surf, it should be at Oasis Surf and Language school in Puerto Escondido.


Can you see the image above? I’m talking seriously Instaworthy stuff here. Blue water, heady cliffs and white sand beaches. You’ll make all your pals jealous with the copious amount of photos you can do of ‘hot dogs or legs’ on these beaches.

Puerto Escondido Surf trip with the gang at Oasis
Surf trip with the gang at Oasis

2. You learn really quickly

The method of teaching at Oasis means you learn super fast. One-on-one Spanish lessons and two-on-one surf lessons. I even stood up on my first wave… Impressed? But seriously, the teachers are fantastic, knowledgeable and passionate. I arrived knowing little Spanish and left feeling confident and comfortable to take on the rest of Central America.

3. You’re not a student, you’re part of the family

Sol and Roger, the owners of Oasis Surf School invite you into their home and make you feel like part of the family. I had just started my year long trip and was feeling a little nervous about going solo. The staff, students and family make you feel so welcome. You’ve made instant friends you’ll have for a lifetime. Plus the apartments (if you choose to stay in one) are affordable and super lush.

4. You Can Swim with Dolphins

There’s so much more to do in Puerto Escondido, than surf.  It’s a natural paradise, and the dolphin tour is an absolute MUST! Head to a local travel agent, barter and you should be able to get yourself a morning dolphin tour for about 300 pesos. That’s $20 Aussie guys! The dolphin tour was probably one of the most amazing things I’ve done in my life. About half an hour away from the shore we came across hundreds of dolphins spinning, jumping and diving out of the water. Puerto Escondido is home to the Spinner Dolphin, they spin/jump out of the water just for fun. After watching them play for 30 minutes our hosts, in thick Mexican accents said – ‘swim?’ and we replied with a swift ‘heck yes!’. So, next minute we’re paddling around in the water with our new best friends. Amazing!

Puerto Escondido Surf - La Revolucion De La Tortugas
Liberacion De La Tortugas

5. Be a legend and help baby turtles safetly to the sea

‘Liberacion de las tortugas’ is another once-in-a-lifetime experience (and is actually offered through Oasis Surf school as one of their free Thursday ‘Surprise Me’ activities). Turtle eggs are seen as a delicacy in Mexico, so there is a huge focus on ensuring their safety. There are many turtle sanctuaries along the beach, and tourists are free to help the rangers release the baby turtles back to the ocean and ensure they are not attacked by predators along the way. We helped out at the sanctuary on Playa Delfine, which I’d thoroughly recommend.

6. swim in a Bioluminescent lake

Another awesome activity provided by this fantastic Puerto Escondido surf school is the chance to swim in a lake with natural biolumenescent properties. Basically, you take a boat out, and jump into a lake in the middle of the night that lights up as soon as your skin touches it. In conclusion, it’s totally random, but very cool!

7. the food options are endless and epic

A day in the surf in Puerto Escondido equals an empty stomach. And the food is amongst some of the best I’ve had in Central America. My top picks:

  1. Smoked fish tacos at ‘Smoked Fish Tacos‘ (lol)
  2. The wrap with the lot at Sultans
  3. Sushi at Kitsune
  4. Pizza and Pasta at La Luna Rosa
  5. Green smoothies at Spirulina
  6. Pancake and fruit breakfast at Cafecito
  7. Tlayudas (Mexican Pizza) anywhere you can find them

8. it’s off the gringo trail

Puerto Escondido is off the infamous Gringo Trail, therefore you’ll look like a fearless backpacking legend when you recommend it to all the people you meet from now on.


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