When should baby stop sleeping in dock a tot?

When should baby stop sleeping in DockATot?

A: The Dockatot Deluxe Plus is meant for babies zero to six months. It should only be used while babies are on their back.

Can my baby sleep overnight in a DockATot?

DockATot Deluxes are not intended for overnight sleep. Babies fall asleep most anywhere you put them, and this may include a DockATot Deluxe. You should always supervise your baby in the dock, whether awake or asleep. The dock is not designed to contain a child and babies can begin to crawl or scoot unexpectedly.

When did you stop using the DockATot?


Lastly, the Deluxe DockATot states 0-9 months, but the truth is, many parents use it well past 9 months. It is designed to accommodate even those babies who are in the lower percentiles! I know several little ones who still use the Deluxe Dock size at 15 months + counting.

How do I transition my baby out of DockATot?

How to Transition from DockATot to Crib

  1. Step 1: Swaddle your baby in a co-sleeper bassinet. Transitioning to a co-sleeper bassinet is a great idea because it gives your baby her own safe, yet cosy, sleep space and allows you to sleep near her. …
  2. Step 2: Use a swaddle transition blanket in the crib.
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Can a baby roll over in a DockATot?

Yes, the dock is still safe to use. DockATot® was tested for air-permeability and is 100% breathable. Babies will move in their sleep and as they grow, some prefer to sleep to on their tummy.

Why can’t DockATot be used in crib?

DockATot should not be used in a crib, bassinet or play yard. … Furthermore, there is a concern that a young infant who can scoot or crawl out of the dock might get entrapped between the side of the crib, bassinet or play yard and the dock.

Why is dock a tot banned in Canada?

Health Canada warns: a baby nest’s soft, padded sides pose a suffocation risk. In an article on Today’s Parent, a Canadian parenting web site, a Health Canada spokesperson says the warning by the government safety agency was prompted by injuries or deaths caused by in-bed co-sleepers.

What is so great about dock a tot?

It facilitates tummy time:

Tummy time is important to help babies develop motor skills and neck strength, but it’s common for them to dislike the effort it requires at first. The DockaTot provides the ideal tummy time space thanks to its rounded sides that help prop babies up when placed under their arms.