What does the word crib mean?

What is the meaning of crib in slang?

1a : steal, plagiarize. b : to use a crib : cheat. 2 : to have the vice of cribbing. Other Words from crib Example Sentences Learn More About crib.

Why is crib slang for House?

During the 19th century, people added on to the “dwelling” sense of the word. In New Zealand, crib was established as a designation for a small house at the seaside or at a resort. … About the beginning of the 17th century, crib began being applied as a verb meaning “to confine” or “to put into a crib.”

Where did the slang word crib come from?

c. 1600, “to shut or confine in a crib,” from crib (n.). Meaning “to steal” (1748) originally was thieves’ slang, probably from the noun in a secondary sense of “a basket.” This also is the probable source of student slang meaning “plagiarize; translate by means of a ‘crib’ ” (1778).

What does it mean to crib a document?

Cognate with Dutch krib, German Krippe. The sense of ‘stealing, taking notes, plagiarize’ seems to have developed out of the verb. cribverb. To collect one or more passages and/or references for use in a speech, written document or as an aid for some task; to create a crib sheet.

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Why do rappers say crib?

The word “crib” refers to a house or any kind of dwelling normally attributed to rappers and hip-hop culture, but there was another poetic bard who used it before them – Shakespeare.

What is human cribbing?

Cribbing in layman terms refers to non-stop complaining. Many individuals over time develop the habit of cribbing and use it as an unhealthy way to deal with situations without realising it. People often crib about some very petty situations and seem to get a sense of comfort out of it.

What is a crib called in England?

A ‘crib’ in the UK is nearly always a small bassinet that baby sleeps in when they are newborn – usually next to the parents’ bed. Traditional cribs may be called a ‘moses basket’ – in the US these are called bassinets. A crib in the USA is baby’s full size bed, with bars around the edge – in the UK this is a ‘cot.

What does I don’t need your crib mean?

To crib means to complain non stop. It is a slang used to describe the habit of a non stop complaining person.

Does crib mean complain?

​[intransitive] crib (about something) (British English, old-fashioned or Indian English) to complain about somebody/something in an angry way. Every time we met up, she would start cribbing.

What is a crib in America?

An infant bed (commonly called a cot in British English, and, in American English, a crib or cradle, or far less commonly, stock) is a small bed especially for infants and very young children. Infant beds are a historically recent development intended to contain a child capable of standing.

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Is crib an American word?

​Britisha small bed with high sides that a baby sleeps in. The American word is crib.

How do you use a word crib?

line with beams or planks.

  1. I’m not at my crib, I’m at Jed’s house.
  2. This answer must be a crib: it’s exactly the same as Jones’s.
  3. Mary deposited the baby in the crib.
  4. This crib takes apart for easy storage.
  5. The baby was squalling in its crib.
  6. He didn’t want anyone to crib the answers from him.

What does crib mean for horses?

What exactly is cribbing? Cribbing is a stereotypy, that is, a behavior that is repetitive and compulsive. The behavior includes the horse grabbing onto something solid (like a fence board, bucket, or door) with his top incisors, arches his neck, and sucks in air. An audible gulping or belching can usually be heard.